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BMG Music - Music Service - BMG CDs - Free CD Club

Music Clubs like the BMG Music Club still are making their mark in the music industry.  Sure it is very easy to download music these days, but getting 12 CDs for the price of 1 is a very appealing offer. Therefore, making a CD Club like BMG Music Service a great source to expand your CD collection with out breaking the bank. 

BMG Music Service has serviced the music lover for over 50 years.  Expanding millions of music lovers CD collections at an affordable price.  Opening in the mid-1950s, BMG Music was a division of the RCA family of music until Bertelsmann bought it in 1987. The company is the biggest direct-to-customer distributor of music in the world and has millions of members across its variety of genre-based music clubs.

BMG Music Service has delivered music straight to the front doors of consumers for over half a century. From the early on days of vinyl records to today's CD format, BMG Music Service has helped members find music they want and notice new music -- all at incredible prices and with unbelievable convenience.

With their unbeatable introductory offer of 12 CDs for the price of 1, BMG Music is one of the best sources you will find to build your CD collection fast and inexpensively. BMG Music Service covers a vast variety of musical choices including Pop, Rock, R & B, adult alternative, easy listening, jazz, Blues, classical, Latin, hip-hop, Country, Christian and many more. Members can select from thousands of titles -- produced by major music companies as well as hundreds of independent labels -- through BMG Music Service's member magazines or by visiting our website.

12 CDs for the price of 1!

For five decades, BMG Music has had a lavish passion for music and their commitment to service makes BMG Music Service the first and only choice for the serious music collectors and laid back music lovers alike. The company is proud to continue introducing its members to a world of great artists and great music at affordable prices.

BMG Music Clubs 12 CDís For The Price of 1 Offer is second to none!

As the oldest and biggest music cd club, BMG Music Service features a hugh menu of music ranging from pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, modern rock, adult alternative and country. Club members can quench their thrust for great music from thousands of cataloged titles. BMG Music Service is the world's biggest music club, with over 8 million members. They are consistently ranked in the top 15 of all e-commerce sites.

With a catalog of over 13,000 CDs, BMG Music Service provides the most popular hits in every music category, including Pop, Rock, R & B, adult alternative, easy listening, jazz, Blues, classical, Latin, hip-hop, Country, Christian and many more, and all at the lowest prices anywhere! BMG Music Service has been bringing people and music together for more than 50 years.

The advantages of a BMG Music Service Membership is by far the best place to go for the lowest prices and the best deals on your favorite music.

Here's why:

An unbeatable introductory offer of 12 CDs for the price of 1
No commitment to purchase another CD, EVER!
Over 13,000 titles to choose from in 17 music categories
Opportunities to earn more free music No-hassle, pressure-free environment combined with low prices distinguishes BMG Music Service as the world's preeminent music club.

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